Nature Works glass filter media is a product manufactured for all kinds of industrial and special use of water as alternative to filter materials used in mechanical refinement. Filter media is only formed with recycled waste glass from the window by using special patented MC2 innovative calibration process. Because of MC2 Calibration technology, water easily pass through the filter media and the biofilm cannot hold on it, therefore it has the advantages below:

  • Filter ensures your intraocular pressure reduction up to 35 %
  • Because of the negligible power loss and pressure drop , energy consumption is reduced
  • Due to the pressure drop, backwash number is reduced
  • The amount of used water decreased due to less backwash number
  • The chemical material usage is dramatically decreased for the water treatment
  • Relative chlorine is decreased cause biofilm formation cannot not hold on the filter material
  • No biofilm existence lead to limitless life time for the glass media
  • With comfortable permeability can be used as a single type grain.
  • In case of any type of cracking which occurs, filter media in the filter can be reused because it has only one type and size grain.

You can find the AGBAR open-type water treatment as our work. Also currently in the Canary Islands, before desalination plant we are working with mechanical filters to purify seawater. Our product can be used every kind of water treatment application from waste water to drinkable water.

We can share the experience of the product mutually with our customers to prepare benefit-gain tables and charts

Nature Works glass filter media are produced in accordance with the intended use of three types. Each type is used as a filter in uniform into their applications.

  • Stage 1: Standards of Swimming pool, decorative lakes , the Salt Water Treatment in Aqueous Media at the zoo , in fish farming , Use High Speed ​​Waste Water Treatment *
  • Stage 2: Closed Joint use of the pool, the Clean Water Treatment, in the aquarium, used in low -speed Waste Water Treatment*
  • Stage 2: Closed Joint use of the pool, the Clean Water Treatment, in the aquarium, used in low -speed waste water Treatment.

* Our products are clean water and waste water as well as for usage in the Veritas Buren on the certificates.

Three Phase micron filtration rate and uses the values ​​for mechanical treatment made ​​by considering the usage areas:

m3/h/m2 Typical Usage Areas Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
2.5 Diatomea 0.2
6 Clean Water Treatment 3 1
10 Low Speed ​​Water Treatment 4 2
20 Low Speed ​​Water Treatment 7 3
30 Commercial Pools 8 3
40 High Speed ​​Water Treatment 10 5
50 Personal Use Pools 12 6


  • NatureWorks Data Sheet Stage 1NatureWorks_Veri_Dökümanı_Stage_1
  • NatureWorks Data Sheet Stage 2NatureWorks Veri Dökümanı Stage 2
  • NatureWorks Data Sheet Stage 3NatureWorks_Veri_Dökümanı_Stage_3
  • Waste Water Treatment CertificationNatureWorks_Atıksu_Arıtma_Sertifikası
  • Drinkable Water Treatment CertificationNatureWorks_Temiz_Su_Arıtma_Sertifikası
  • NatureWorks Sample Feasibility StudyNatureWorks_Örnek_Fizibilite_Raporu