Cefil PVC membranes has one of the highest strength properties and can respond to every insulation needs with separated product line which is produced by Europe’s leading water insulation company. It has the highest resistance values ​​between the recent PVC membrane brands in Turkey and has certificates for any solution, it is the only European-manufactured brand PVC membrane waterproofing in Turkey.

Cefil PVC membrane Insulation Solutions are;

  • Potable Water Tanks Insulation – Certified Drinking Water, Chemical Resistant Indoor Membrane
  • Useable Water and Balance Tanks Isolation – Chemical Resistant Indoor Membrane
  • Outdoor pond Isolation – UV and microorganisms resistant Outdoor Membrane
  • Swimming Pool Insulation – UV and chemical resistant and Extra Strength Outdoor Membrane with Color Protection
  • Roof Membrane (application service is not available for this product range, we have not been working stocked, we bring on optional order)
  • PVC coated aluminum fixing bar – help the surface to be used during the installation of PVC membrane insulation material

PVC membrane insulates regardless of the quality of the surface it is applied to. It can be applied to sheet metal surface, concrete or any surface that aluminum strips that can be mounted. Any size can be applied regardless of whether oval or flat surface. The materials supplied in rolls interconnected by high temperature welding. Repair of damaged surface is quite easy. It is also quite faster compared to the pace of implementation riding isolation. We are providing turnkey application service for any product we are working with. We give Europe approved 10 years guarantee for our applications.

  • Cefil Balance Tanks Membrane Technical Data SheetCefil_Denge_Deposu_Membranı_Teknik_Veri_Dökümanı
  • Cefil Pond Membrane Technical Data Sheet Cefil_Gölet_Membranı_Teknik_Veri_Dökümanı
  • Cefil Drinking Water Tank Membrane Technical Data Sheet
  • Drinking Water Compatibility CertificationCefil_İçme_Suyuna_Uyumlu_Membran_Sertifikası
  • Cefil Swimming Pool Membrane Technical RequirementsCefil_Yüzme_Havuzu_Membranı_Teknik_Sartnamesi
  • Cefil Swimming Pool Membrane Technical Data SheetCefil_Yüzme_Havuzu_Membranı_Teknik_Veri_Dökümanı