Who We Are

Our company has established by 25 years pool industry experienced Mete Güney and his son Ahmet Güney. Mete Güney is also the establisher of Seva Mühendislik.

Mete Guney’s 25 years of domestic and international references carry the company much further back in terms of experience than the time that it was established on. Our company has operations in Cyprus, Turkey, Kosovo, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkmenistan.

Our stuff team includes many well educated workers, carpenters, electricity technicians and engineers who has at least 10 years working experience in Turkey as well as abroad. Our wooden and steel works are 100 % hand works.


Our company has cooperation with a number of leading companies of the. Titiz Mermer for Luxury spa wellness marble, Hidron for pools automation and monitoring systems, Aqua for water conditioning and domestic purification, Oase for luxury ornamental pool and ornamental lake systems, Dryden Aqua for special biological treatment of lakes and Planettek for the biological treatment of water.

We are official distributor of PVC membrane brand CEFIL and filter media brand NATURE WORKS in Turkey and Middle Asia. Also, we are dealership of BSV Salt Generator brand in Turkey as well as official distributor of Turkmenistan.

Detailed settlement and plant projects and requriments are prepared for our services. We also share our technical documents in various languages including Turkish, English and Russian.Modern and computer aided tranings about the equipments that are used in the project are provided to our costumers. We also generate flow charts for our projects.

All the equipments and products have TSE and CE records. Various economical solutions can be served to meet every need. All of our mechanical and electrical jobs are done according to TSE 11899, DIN 19463 and UHE 1 regulations